Hello! Thank you for coming to my website! My name is Rebecca Joy Komer.

a pic of me
~Just the facts~

I am currently enrolled in Polymer and Color Chemistry but I want to double major with Chemical Engineering. I attend North Carolina State University and hope to graduated in 2020.


I chose Polymer and Color Chemistry honestly because it sounded really interesting and I wanted to learn more about it. Now that I am in that major I see that polymers are phenomal and it has taught me so much. If I only get a degree in Polymer and Color Chemistry I want to work in research or in a giant manufacturing plant, but the manufacturing plant is more realistic with the double major in Chemical Engineering.

List of Skills

Class Course Title Semester
PCC 101/104 Intro. to Polymer and Color Chemistry and Lab 1st Semester
PCC 106 Polymer Synthesis, Sustainability, and the Environment 2nd Semester
CH 221/222 Organic Chemistry I and Lab 2nd Semester