Welcome to my website.
My name is Jackson Kyner. I am a freshman with an intended Electrical and Computer double major. I chose these majors because they are two aspects of engineering that I enjoy the most. I cam also stay close by in RTP if I end up getting a job here. It's also just useful to be knowledgable about computers and electronics in general.
My favorite hobby is running. I can do it pretty much any time and any where. I especially enjoy running in the fall because I can run long distances without sweating so much. I started running about 6 months ago and haven't stopped since.
The Greatest Website

How to Make a Meatball Sub
  1. Get bread
  2. Get cheese
  3. Get meatballs
  4. Place all inside bread
  5. Toast sandwich

Class Grade
MA 242 B-
CH 101 A
HI 341 A