Welcome to the webpage of Ryan Larrabee

My name is Ryan Larrabee. I am a junior at NCSU in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). I chose MSE because I am interested in learning about and improving upon the properties and structures of materials that we use today. I enjoy aspects of chemistry, physics, and mathematics. For me, MSE is a great combination of these fundamental fields and uses them to understand materials and create better materials for a wide range of applications.

My favorite hobby is playing tennis. I began playing in middle school and have continued to today. Tennis is a very strategic sport, and a sport that requires a lot of self-discipline. I play on the NCSU Club Tennis team where I am challenged by a number of great players. Tennis requires a great deal of sprinting and stamina that challenges a person's cardiovascular system.

Dogs! (turn up volume) some good tunes
  1. Spread toasted whole grain bread with mayo
  2. Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite hot sauce on top
  3. Place muenster cheese on top of spread
  4. Put 3 slices of turkey on top of cheese
  5. Cut and put 5 cherry tomatoes, as well as lettuce, on top of turkey
  6. Place other slice of bread on top, and enjoy

Class Expected Grade
MSE 201 B+
MA 341 B
PHI 440 A-