Robert Mera

PhD Candidate
Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
North Carolina State University
Research/Teaching Assistant
T 856.261.0959
web Climate Modeling Laboratory


B.S. Atmospheric Sciences, University of North Carolina at Asheville, 2003
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University, 2006


MEA 135 Fall 2006
MEA 135 Spring 2007
MEA 130 Fall 2007
MEA 130 Spring 2008
Louisburg College Math Lab Fall 2007 and Spring 2008
MEA 130 Fall 2008
MEA 130 Spring 2009

Current Research

  • Forest Service Southern Research Station project on a Western North Carolina Sustainability Report Card (links will be provided soon)
  • UNCA Master in Climate Change and Society Program Research: prospective students, partners, future outlooks.
  • Continuing work with the Indiana State Climate Office, Purdue University Niyogi Lab, and USDA-ARS program on soybean-
    climate interactions: exploring CO2 effects and multiple variable interactions using factor speration analysis.

  • Research Interests

    Regional Climate Modeling, climatology applications, ensemble-based climate model skill and economic value, and crop modeling.


    Potential individual versus simultaneous climate change effects on soybean (C3) and maize (C4) crops: An
    agrotechnology model based study

    Roberto Mera, Dev Niyogi, Gregory Buol, Gail Wilkerson & Fredrick Semazzi
    Global and Planetary Change, November 2006

    Abstract PDF

    An Extended Procedure for Implementing the Relative Operating Characteristic Graphical Method
    Fredrick H. M. Semazzi, and Roberto J. Mera
    Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Semptember 2006

    Abstact PDF

    M.S. Thesis: The Effect of Multiple Environmental Changes on Crop Model Response and Potential Improvements of Dynamical Land Surface Models

    Abstact PDF