Look at my great homework!!

My name is Rushi Patel. I am majoring in Computer or Electrical Engineering. I am a Sophomore. I transferred from Wake Technical Community College. I am from Morrisville.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball and badminton with my friends. I like to hang out with friends and meet new people. I moved here from India one and half year ago.

I love dogs. I love them more than any other pets. They are the best pets. They are playful and can give you a great company. They are very loyal and loving towards their owners. Labrador is my favourite breed.

Google_web_search image saved to www My Favorite website, Facebook
  1. Go to Fire House Subs
  2. Select Bread
  3. Add Tomatoes
  4. Add Pickles
  5. Add Onions
  6. Add Lettuce
  7. Now Enjoy
Course Name Expected Grade
E 115 S
ECE 109 B
COM 110 A
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