Hello and Welcome

My name is Robert Powell but I prefer to be called Jordan. I am currently a freshman in the College of Engineering and I plan to major in Electrical Engineering. The reason I am interested in electrical engineering is because I deeply enjoy messing around with stuff (like all engineers). Usually I find myself most interested in electrical parts, computers and networks, and other neat technology. Recently, I have noticed that I've been more interested in learning about and having hans on experience with electrical devices.

My favorite animal is a jellyfish. I like jellyfish because they just go with the flow (literally). Living close to the beach I know how annoying jellyfish can be but they are also pretty neat animals. One reason the jellyfish is my favorite animal is because even without a brain or other specialized organs, they are still able to live and survive. I also find it fascinating that there are many different kinds of jellyfish and even some that are deadly.

Hippo Picture
Newegg's Website
  1. Pick your favorite pizza place
  2. Pick your favorite pizza or spice it up and try something new
  3. Find the phone number or website
  4. Call and order or order online
  5. Be patient until your delicious pizza arrives
  6. Eat that pizza!
Class Expected Grade
Intro to Economics A
Philosophy of Science B
Intro to Computer Systems A
Calculus III A

Mr. Jellyfish