Welcome to Independent Assignment 5: Intro to XHTML and Styling

My name is Riley Reinhard. I am a freshman at NC State University studying computer/electrical engineering. I chose this major because I have always loved the objectiveness of math and science. I love that there is only one answer and always an equation to solve it.

My dream job is to be working for a computer software company. I want my office to be in one of the highest floors of a beautiful skyscraper office building. I am interested in working for possibly Samsung, Microsoft, Google, or another company related to those.

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Interesting Classes to Take at NC State:
  1. Entomology
  2. Calculus I, II, and III (with Professor Griggs)
  3. Intro to Psychology
  4. Archery

Extracurricular Clubs
Club Name Website Link
Zoology Club Zoology Website
Chi Omega Chi Omega Website