Welcome to my Webpage!

My name is Richard Skowron. I am a freshmen and a nuclear engineer major. I choose the major because it sounded the coolest to me at first. Then once I started researching nuclear engineering, I found it extremely interesting. In addition I can see myself with a career in the nuclear engineering field in the future.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. I have played basketball ever since I was a little kid and up until highschool. I continue to play intramural basketball and pick up basketball on the weekends. In addition I love to watch basketball games, on TV as well as in person. I frequently attend the NC State basketball games.

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My favorite sandwhich:

  1. Two slices of bread
  2. Shredded Chicken
  3. Buffalo sauce
  4. Ranch dressing
  5. Lettuce and tomato

Course Name Expected Grade
MA 242 A
ES 100 A
PY 205 B