Everybody sit your self down and listen to this true story told by Kendrick Lamar on Rosecrans (Or Raymond Woods on the internet)

My name is Raymond Woods. I am a freshman attempting to major in Electrical Engineering. I've always been decently interested in electronics, so I chose this major so I could make straight bank while doing something I can enjoy. I suppose helping the world is a good thing. I also have this major as a safety net just in case my rap career doesn't take off. I can't imagine why it wouldn't, though.

Easily my greatest break was the summer between sophomore and junior year of high school. I vividly remember that break, as it was the time where one of my best friends came out to me as gay after she had been struggling with it for years. Through that experience we became so close, and I'm so happy I have her. I also went on a cruise I think. I don't really remember much else from that summer, other than reading the Great Gatsby. Good times. My rap career also began to take off.

Guhhh, I'm Kendrick Lamar
Giant Bat Farts

Pizza - The Right Way

  1. Create the universe
  2. Allow for evolution to take its course and wait for civilization to establish pizza into a position of high enough power of society to become the norm
  3. Call the pizza guy
  4. When he brings the pizza, don't tip him, because what has he ever done for you?

ClassExpected GradeDo you care?
Calculus IIAHeck yes