Read this if you want to know about an awesome guy Ryan Woods!!

My name is Ryan Woods. I am a new freshman at NC State. I am currently an Electrical Engineering Intent. I chose Electrical Engineering because I took a Digital Electronics class in high school and really enjoyed it and had a knack for it. I also find new cutting edge technology fascinating and would love to be able a part of developing it one day. I also am considering a minor in Buisiness Administration.

My favorite hobby is probably basketball. I have been playing basketball since I was around 9 and have played on multiple school teams. I also played on a travel team for about 7 years before I came here to college. I hope to continue playing basketball here at NC State and maybe even try out for the club team if I have time. Basketball is my favorite sport because not only is it a good source of exercise but also you build a sense of frienship with your teammates and make friends that list a life time.

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  1. Get Digiorno's Crust
  2. Add lots of CHEESE
  3. Pile on the meats: ham, chicken, steak, etc
  4. Add some green peppers and cooked mushrooms
Current Course Expected Grade
Calculus 2 A
Chemistry A
English B+
Basketball Goal