My name is Rahul Kathard. I am a Freshman by year and nearly a Junior by credit, which seems quite silly.
I am currently in the process of CODA to become a Biomedical Engineer. The human body is the most complex
machine ever to exist on the planet, and there are so many different areas in which we are far from proficient
in our knowledge. The old sccience fiction notions of a cyborg race greatly interest me, because as a mechanic of sorts,
what better machine to fix and maintain than the most complex one possible?

One of my favorite things to do is to play the piano, but since my wrist has been broken for many months,
for this and many other things, I can only use my left hand. Despite the handicap it is fun. I cannot wait
for my wrist to heal. I hope you look into famous pianists; my favorite would be Tim Minchin. I love the piano.

My Favorite Website: It's Never Ogre, click link below to follow

And here is the resume: resume

  1. Obtain bread, Cheese, Jam
  2. Using three pieces of bread, place Jam on two of them, one side each
  3. Place Cheese on top of Jam
  4. Place one slice on the other, and use the third untouched slice as the top
  5. ENJOY!

Class Grade
E115 S
FLS 331 A
MA 341 A-

Tim Minchin and his Piano