E115 is a fun class

My name is Randy Jaouhari and I am a freshman studying environmental science here at NC State. I chose to majors to start off with which was computer science or Environmental science and I received Environmental Science. I am currently trying to transfer to the computer science program within the college of engineering. I chose Environmental Science because took an ES class back in high school and my teacher inspired me to learn more about the subject. I have always been interested in the Environment around me and what I can do to keep it safe. I also consider myself and computer guy which is why I also enjoy computer science.

My favorite hobby is normally to play games. I've always played games and I enjoy trying out any game I play. I have my PlayStation 4 within my room and my roommate has his own as well. We can share the games we play to make it cheaper for both of us. I enjoy playing games because it's relaxing after you have come home from a long day of classes, I try not to let it get in the way of my classes though.

My favorite paper

How to order a great pizza

  1. first call papa johns on Avent Ferry.
  2. Tell them you want bbq chicken pizza, cause it's really healthy.
  3. Make sure to get delivery, no one wants to walk.
  4. Try to see if someone else will lend you their money so you can pay for the pizza, if no then pay for it yourself.
Class expected grade
EC 201 B+
PY 205 B-
PY 206 A+
MA 241 B
ES 200 A
E 115 Pass
pretty much my life