A picture of myself outside of the Tower of London about to see the crown jewels


Hi! I am Rachel Gutowski. I am an undergrad at NC State University. I'm studying for a degree in aerospace engineering. My anticipated graduation date in May 2020.

My Major

I chose aerospace engineering because I am interested in space exploration. With aerospace engineering I can work on many aspects of aircraft or spaceships used in space research. For example, I can work on engine efficiency or the actual space ship design. I can also take the mechanical aspects and go into other fields. The mechanical aspect is very broad while the aerospace aspect is specialized, meaning I have many options.

Class Course Title Semester
Physics PY 205 2017 Fall
Intro to Engineering E 101 2016 Fall
Computing Environments E 115 2016 Fall
Calculus 1 MA 141 2017 Spring
Intro to Aero Eng MAE 250 2017 Fall