Homework 5a

I'm Rachel Jackson. I'm a freshman who intends to go into Materials Science Engineering. I chose this major because I really enjoy metallurgy and microscopy, and MSE lends itself to that. Also, my last couple of paychecks came through the MSE department, so there's that.

My favorite hobby is scuba diving. I got certified when I was 15, and so far my favorite place that I dove was off of the Florida Keys. I recently got a really nice Buoyancy Compensator with an integrated weight belt, so that's kinda awesome.

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    How to Order my Favorite Sandwich
  1. Drive to Subway
  2. Ask for a footlong meatball sub on wheat
  3. Specify that you only want meatballs on the sub
  4. No, you don't want cheese, or any other topping
  5. No really, you just want the meatballs and the bread

Class Expected Grade
Psychology A
Econ A-
Chemistry B

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