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Hello, I am Rebecca Kline and I usually go by Becca. I am a sophmore enrolled in Meredith Colleges Dual Degree Engineering program, but a freshman here at NCSU. I am a computer engineering major here at NCSU but with the Dual Degree program I am also getting a Math Degree from Meredith College. I choose this major bevause I have alwasy been interested in computers, afterall I use them pretty much everyday. Math has always been a fovorite subject of mine so getting a degree in mathematics is an obvious choice to me.

I currently work at a Starbucks here in Raleigh. I get to work with a team of people who all have a passion for coffee and great customer service. This job may have contributed to a little bit of a caffine addiction, which is funny considering I didn't even like coffee until I got the job. I have worked at Starbucks for almost three years; during these past three years I have been the recipient of awards, competed in Barista Championships, helped my store win coffee selling competitions, and began work on my coffee master certification.

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  1. Intro to Mathematical Reasoning (at Meredith College)
  2. Intro to Java (at Meredith College)
  3. Into to Engineering (at NCSU)
  4. Public Speaking (at Meredith College)

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