Welcome to My Page About Me.

My name is Radina Lilova. I am in the Class of 2018. My major is Chemical Engineering with a Biomolecular Concentration. I interested in research for medicines, which is why I chose this major. I am planning to minor in Microbiology also. I enjoy cell biology, which is why I am heading in this direction, not in a computer direction :).

My number 1 hobby is tennis. I used to train tennis a lot, but these days I don't have time for that. My brother is a junior competitor and I coach him. I am also an assistant for the NCSU men's varsity coaches for their junior development program. My brother trains there everyday and I help coach there. I travel with my brother for tournaments, for example to Miami, Tampa, Arizona, Virginia, Georgia. It's difficult "hobby" but it's fun watching him improve and helping him.

Here is a link for my favorite website: ESPN logo

My in-progress resume: HERE

How to make pizza!

  1. Make dough.
  2. Add mozzarella.
  3. Add tomatoes.
  4. Put in oven.
  5. Add basil when it comes out oven.
  6. ENJOY. (non-negotiable)
Class Hoping for...
CHE 205 A
CH 221 A
CHE 395 A
E 115 S(hopefully)
FLI 101 A