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My name is Ryen Ormesher. I am a freshman in Biomedical Engineering. I chose to go into biomedical engineering because biology is what influences our every move; it has enormous power over all of our actions, even our thoughts. Being able to manipulate that through engineering gives us enormous power to help people. I hope that by studying biomedical engineering, I can work to make a difference in people's lives. After this, I may go to medical school or graduate school. Biomedical Engineering would prepare me for either. It will help me do what I want to do in the world.

In addition to school stuff, I really love to ski! I have been skiing since I was about 5, and I love it. My parents finally bought me my own skis two years ago--K2 skis with Dalbello boots! I'm planning to go to Wolf Creek (a ski resort), Colorado for winter break. My favorite runs at Wolf Creek are the shoots through the trees on the backside of the mountain, although I also like the waterfall area.

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How to make a PB&J Sandwich:

  1. Take two slices of bread and put them down on a flat surface
  2. Using a butter knife, take a large glob of Jiffy Peanut Butter and spread it on the face of one of the slices of bread
  3. Repeat step 2 with Jelly, spreading it on the other piece of bread
  4. When you have completed steps 2 and 3, take the two slices of bread and put them together with the PB&J sides touching in the middle
  5. Eat and enjoy!
  6. Class Average
    MA241 98
    EC205 100
    HON221 95