Hi There

My name is Rachelle Lee Ransom, I am a freshman in the first year engineering program with biomedical intent. The medical field is extremely interesting and I hope to continue on to Medical School after my time at NC State is up. I hope to study dermatology and possibly start my own clinic one day.

I thoroughly enjoy spending time with all of my pets. I have three amazing dogs: a seven year old Boston Terrier named Joy, a seven year old long haired chihuahua named Chico, and a three month old Chesepeake Bay Retreiver named Dixie. I also care for a stray cat that I found in my yard three years ago. She is very shy and skittish around humans, but seems very happy living her little kitty life underneath my back porch. I refer to her as "baby kitty." I love all of my pets and spend as much time as possible with them.

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The Amazon

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    How I order pizza
  1. Contemplate weather or not I should order through phone or online.
  2. Pace around room until I am completely overcome with social anxiety and de cide order online.
  3. Visit www.papajohns.com
  4. Order a large plain cheese pizza
  5. Wait for delivery to arrive
  6. Pay the nice delivery man and enjoy!
Class Grade
Calculus A+
Chemistry B-
English A