Welcome to my life!

My name is Richie Soltis, I am a freshmen at NC State University and an Engineering First Year student intending to major in Computer Science. I chose this major because I want to go into the Game Development Concentration. I have always wanted to make video games ever since I was a kid.

I am currently a lifeguard with University Recreation here at NC State. This past summer, I was a lifeguard with City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation. My dream job is to be a 3D character designer for a gaming company like Square Enix.

  1. HESS 235 - Beginning Karate
  2. CSC 481 - Game Engine Foundations
  3. ENG 377 - Fantasy
  4. CSC 484 - Building Game AI

  5. Club/Organization Website
    Club Swimming Club Swimming at NCSU
    NC State Swim Team NC State Swimming and Diving