A Taste of the Life of Me Welcome to Homework 5a!

My name is Ryan DiMartino and I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University. My intended
major is Computer and Electrical because I love the hardware of Computers and taking them apart. Ever since
I was a child I have always enjoyed destroying things and looking at their components. The coolest thing about
choosing this major is it will always be around. Every year the newest computer becomes obsolete and the next
best thing takes its place. This is an industry that is growing and will always be around.

My favorite hobby is currently anything that has to do with the gym. Carmichael has so many opportunities and
I am glad I have been able to use them. I currently lift weights every day with a few buddies of mine and I spend
a lot of time there. Another opportunity that I have taken advantage of is the racquet ball courts. I have spent more
time playing racquetball than anything else in the gym. I used to play tennis so this is the closest thing I can play
without needing another person.

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  1. Get bread, ham, and Cheese
  2. Place bread on plate
  3. Put Cheese on each slice of bread
  4. Put piece of ham on top of each piece of cheese
  5. Place one part of the sandwich on top of the other
  6. Enjoy!

Class Grade
MA 141 B
E115 S
E101 A+