Welcome fellow scholars!

My name is Raynier Medina Olivo. I am a sophomore in the dual major program for Chemical Engineering and Paper Science & Engineering. This major was not the original one that I applied to NC State for. I had originally come for the Biomedical Engineering program because i was interested in medicine. I soon realized that that kind of engineering was not what i thought it was and i was actually thinking of Chemical Engineering because of my interest in chemistry.

One of my favorite hobbies has to be Parkour. I am currently in the NCSU Freerunning & Parkour club and i enjoy it the most out of anything I've done at NCSU. While we are required to not climb buildings, I still do my best to train as often as possible. Our club only meets three times a week and i am not always able to make it to the meetings. Its a great way to get your mind off of your slowly dwindling gpa and that one red X on the webassign that made you flip that table.

Parkour Gym Awesome Parkour Videos

How to make a sandwich

  1. find bread
  2. find meat
  3. find cheese
  4. put meat and cheese on bread
  5. put your choice of condiments on meat and cheese
  6. Eat said sandwich
  7. resume daily activities, like crying, weeping, sobbing, and/or having a mental breakdown because of school
Class Grade
Chemistry A
Physics B
E115 S