Welcome To My Webpage

My name is Ryan Gallagher and I am a freshman this year. As of right now I am in the general engineering college. However, I just codaed and am hoping to get accepted into the Civil Engineering school. I would really like to get into this particular school because I am really interested in the building and designing of large scale buildings and bridges. If I do not get into the Civil Engineering school my second option was Constructural Engineering.

My favorite hobby would probably have to be working out. I love to lift weights and run especially at Charmichael where you have many different things to choose from. It is a big stress reliever that can really help you get your mind off of things. This has really been one of my favorite things to do since the end of high school when I wanted to get into better shape coming into college. I also enjoy playing sports with friends such as basketball.

sports Resume

  1. get bread
  2. get peanut butter
  3. put two pieces of bread on plate
  4. open jar of peanut butter
  5. stick sharp end of knife in peanut butter and take a chunk out
  6. spread peanut butter onto bread
  7. put other piece of bread on top of peanut butter
Course Expected Grade
E115 S
EC205 A
GC120 B
MA241 A
PY205 B
PY206 A