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My name is Ryan Heffner and I am a freshman at NC State and I am double majoring in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics. I choose these majors because I have always been interested in engineering and math ever since I was a young kid. I first begain to work on cars when I was about 7 years old. From there, I developed hands on experience with science and mathematics as I advanced through school and entered the IB program. From there, I did very well in calculus and began to study other math topics on my own.

My favorite haloween costume that I saw this year was my brother's Clark kent costume. The reason it worked is because he looks like Clark Kent, and thus just wore a suit and a superman shirt underneath. Despite the simplicity, many other costumes I saw were simply bought from a store and unorigional. I also liked my costume, Indiana Jones, because the only thing I bought for it was a whip. I owned a vintage leather jacket and suit pants and the dress shirt.

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  1. Virginia Tech
  2. Georgia Tech
  3. NC State
  4. University of Illinois
  5. Boston College (Not really a fan just watch them sometimes)
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