Welcome to my About Me Page!

A picture of Rachael

My name is Rachael Holzman and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I plan to major in engineering. My current intent is to major in environmental engineering, however I think I am more interested in biological. I want to work with renewable energy and bringing it to smaller communities to get the public involved in becoming a more sustainable society.

During the summer I work as a nanny. I love watching kids, preparing and doing crafts and games with them, and overall making their summers as fun as I can! I work Monday to Friday averaging about 40 hours. It makes for long days by trying to entertain kids while still also trying to bring them to sports practices and running errands, but I always enjoy the time with them.

Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Biology
  2. Soil Science
  3. Ag Waste Management
  4. Calculus

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