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About Me:

Hello! I'm Rob Hunter, and I'm class of 2021 at NCSU. I have chosen to pursue a BS in Computer Engineering because I have always been fascinated with anything that has to do with electronics. I built my own desktop computer when I was 15 years old, and have been tinkering with just about anything that was broken or grabbed my curiosity since I can remember.


I'm a business owner of 15 years. The name of my business is County Recording Service Inc. or County Recording for short. We are a specialized courier service for real estate attorneys in the Charlotte, NC area. We pickup closing documents at attorney offices, transport the documents to courthouses corresponding to the county the property is in, update the title search in real-time, then present the documents to be filed for official public record. I love everything about this business, but technology has grown and now the industry is pushing to conduct all business transactions online. This has forced me to return to education and to develop a solution to retain my business.

Send Email to rmhunter@ncsu.edu
Birthday December 11
Wedding Anniversary May 15
Favorite Type of Pet Dog
University attending NCSU
Planned Major BS Computer Engineering
Planned Graduation Date May 2021

Courses I've Taken at NCSU:

  1. Courses I've Taken at NCSU:
  2. E115 - Introduction to Computing Environments
  3. E201 - Transfer to Success
  4. ECE109 - Introduction to Computer Systems
  5. ECE200 - Intro to Signals, Circuits and Systems
  6. MA242 - Calculus III


Club Name: Link for more info: Description
Mu-Alpha Theta Mu Alpha Theta National Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society
Electrical & Computer Engineering GSA Electrical & Computer Engineering GSA Representing graduate students in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.