Ryan Marie

Nonprofit Professional

Inspired to be actively involved in the Non Profit sector; to become knowledgeable about the inner workings of the nonprofit system, fundraising, and grant writing, while gaining valuable experience to become a valued employee to the organization.


Over four years of experience working to increas revenue in local nonprofit organizations using a variety of different events and outreach.

Grant Writing

Two years experience working with organizations and wiriting grants.


Six years experience working in Volunteer Coordination, Social Media, and community envolvement.

North Carolina State University Graduate

Class of 2018
B.A. English: Language, Writing, and Rhetoric
Minor in Nonprofit Studies, Leadership, and Development

Reaching Out

Why Nonprofits?

Throughout my life I have always taken pleasure in doing things for other people.
When I was twelve I went on my first service trip to New Orleans, just after hurricane Katrina hit, and I was given the opportunity to experience the amazing ways nonprofits provide for those in need. It was there that I was exposed to the harsh nature of the world and the lengths people and organizations will go to in order to help.

Me in mexico with all of my students and helpers

Ways I have made a difference!

Over my numerous experiences volunteering and working with and for different nonprofits, I have found that sometimes the smallest of actions can make the biggest impacts. When I was fourteen I was able to live in Mexico for three months, it was an enriching experience. Little did I know, the little girl I took under my wing and taught how to read would remember me so well. She is now eighteen years old and is going to public university here to study law in the nonprofit sector.

Helping Hands mini Nonprofit pictures


In the many years of volunteering for organizations all over North Carolina and the United States, these are some of the organizations that have impacted me the most. Diverse, they have empowered and driven me to become a better person and to help in more ways than just donating time.

Looking to Volunteer?

Activate Good is a nonprofit that helped me find my passion for helping others, they like so many other nonprofits in the triangle area are looking for volunteers.
Luckily they made a database just for helpful people like you!