Hello wonderful person that has stumbled across my webpage

My name is Ryan Michael Kelley, you can call me R Kelley if it floats your boat. My current intended major is Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering, I may change to Chemical or Industrial. I am keeping an open mind on the issue. I chose Mechanical Engineering because I have a mechanical mind. I built my first robot when I was twelve, and built and arc welder when I was sixteen. Engineering runs in the family and it just kind of fell on my shoulders.
My favorite hobby sleeping. Sometimes I sleep at night, sometimes I sleep during the day, sometimes I sleep alone, Sometimes I sleep with other people. Scientist say we should get 7 1/2 hours of sleep a day. Anything worth doing is worth over doing... so I usually shoot for about 17 1/2 hours of sleep a day. Apparently sleeping prolongs your life so im not sleeping my life away, im backloading my life with tons of time to stay awake.

Butthurt This websight tho
  1. Find a woman
  2. Charm said woman
  3. Now tell lady to make you a sandwich
  4. enjoy sandwich and new girlfriend

class grade
Calc 90
Chem 82
English 95