Welcome to my first independent XHMTL page. So far, this has been my favourite part of E115.

My name is Rachel Perry, and I am a freshman in the First Year College. While I am passionate about history and literature, I am on an engineering-only scholarship through Air Force ROTC. I am currently attempting to CODA into Industrial Engineering. However, my first two semesters of college have been steeped in math and physics, which are just not my areas of natural ability. As an out of state student, the Air Force scholarship is the only way I can afford to stay here. If I ultimately choose to follow my real passion, history, I will have to transfer to a college back in Virginia.

I find it difficult to identify just one favourite hobby, as I have many. I love trail running- distance runs at the park is my most beloved pastime during the spring and fall. I also love playing the piano and reading about history. I generally play sonatinas by Clementi on the piano, and European history is currently my favourite area. Another favourite hobby, if it can be called a hobby, is spending time with my love of two years, Ashton. He's a senior here at N.C. State in Civil Engineering, and he will be commissioning into the United States Air Force in May. Since he'll be leaving for training soon, we try to fit in as much time together as we can! If I'm not running, reading, or spending time with Ashton, I enjoy watching Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, and Eddie Izzard shows.

Click the photo of the star system below to go to the NASA homepage!

30 Arietis quadruple star
Click here to read my dialectic essay on the justification for the Nuremberg War Trials. I wrote this for History 350 last semester.
Below are instructions for making my favourite sandwich.
  1. Spread spicy dijon mustard and a small bit of mayo on an Italian roll.
  2. Layer a couple slices of provolone cheese on the bread.
  3. Slice a tomato and avocado. Add these and a handful of spinach leaves to the roll.
  4. If this sandwich is just a snack, you are complete! If you are looking for some protein, add ham, turkey, or chicken.

  5. Ashton & Rachel running a 5K race in Raleigh

    Above is a photo of Ashton and I running a 5K in Raleigh. Those odd looking black things on my legs are shin compression sleeves, which help with my shin splint pain when I run.

    Class Expected Grade
    Fitness & Wellness B
    Calculus B
    Aerospace Studies (Air Force Class) A