Hello my name is Radek Pudelko. I am a freshman this year (2014) at NCSU. I am currently trying to decide on my major. I am in the first year engineering major currently, but I am looking into other majors. One of the majors I am looking into is biology. Next semester, I will try some biology classes and make my decision on major.

My favorite hobby is exercising at the park at miller field and playing soccer. I go exercise about everyday with my friends after our classes end. We usually try to get some games going on the weekends. I am not of any intrameral teams, but I may try some other sports next semester. I also like playing frisbee on occasion.


My Favorite Sandwitch

  1. Bread
  2. Butter
  3. tomatoe
  4. Ham
Course Grade
MA 242 A
E115 S