If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It

My name is Rodney Robinson and I am in my second year of a Mechanical Engineering degree. I decided on this major because I want to solve real world problems. I also like the idea of competing in a highly professional and technical field. The opportunity for being able to work on important projects is also very appealing to me. In all honesty, there is a component of compensation that is also component of wanting to invest in a career in Engineering. Some of my favorite memories growing up as a kid were waterskiiing at the lake with my family. We used to take a trip once a year around the 4th of July and spend three weeks on the beach at Lake Powell. This is a huge reservior on the border of Utah and Arizona and it is quite literally a giant body of water surrounded by thousands of miles of desert. I learned how to waterskii on that lake and to this day waterskiing is one of my favorite pastimes. Slolum skiing, where only one ski is used, is my favorite way to partake in the recreation. Million Dollar Question
  1. Telephone Pizza Hut
  2. Verify phone number and address
  3. Forego hearing the specials and order one large Meatlover's pizza pie
  4. Ask for extra, extra jalepenos over half the pizza pie
  5. Have the phone operator read the order back for verification
  6. Exchange payment information and complete transaction
  7. In my case, drive to town, pick up and deliver pizza pie to my own house
Course Expected Grade
E115 P
MAE206 B
MSE201 B
PHY252 A