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My name is Robert Sullivan, and I am currently a freshman at N.C. State. Right now I am Computer Science intended, and while I hope to continue in this, I'm currently unsure. Other options that I'm interested in are Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

The only job I've ever held was at a small family owned pharmacy. It was called Innes Street Drug, and has since closed, but at the time it was a very popular store for the small-town atmosphere and handmade milkshakes that were offered at the soda fountain. I was hired on to help behind the soda fountain, and my main duties consisted of stocking shelves and helping with the soda fountain.

Organization Link
Engineering Village href="https://housing.dasa.ncsu.edu/villages/engineering-village/" target="_blank">Engineering Village
GLBT Center href="https://oied.ncsu.edu/divweb/glbt/" target="_blank">GLBT Center