Welcome To My Website!

Hello! I am Ryan Walden, an Nuclear Engineering major at NC State. I chose Nuclear Engineering because I like problem solving and also Physics. Nuclear Engineering makes for a challenging major but I like it.

My favorite hobby is Ultimate Frisbee. I play with the club team at NC State. Last year I played at Elon University and we had a really awesome season. We ended up going to the national tournament and placing 2nd in the nation! It was a lot of fun and I hope to reproduce the same achievements at NC State.

My Favorite Websites

Ultiworld Youtube

How to make a sandwich

  1. Get ingredients
  2. Put meat on bread
  3. Put toppings on top of meat
  4. Put any sauces you want on top of toppings
  5. Eat sandwich
Class Grade
E115 Pass
CSC 112 A
NE 201 A-

This is my team that I went to Nationals with

(I'm number 33)

Elon Ultimate