My name is Rahul Kadari

My name is Rahul Kadari.

My College Life

My intended major is currently Mechanical Engineering with a possibility of Aerospace Engineering. I currently attend North Carolina State University. I am a Freshman residing in Bowen Hall. My anticipated graduation date is the spring of 2020.

Why I chose my Major

I am currently in exploratory studies so I will just write about that. I chose exploratory studies because I had no idea what I wanted to do coming into college. With my elder brother being a docter, my mom being a business manager, and my dad being a civil engineer the whole family is divided. I wanted to get a taste of everything. For my mechanical engineerin degree I wish to work for Nasa and make cool stuff.

Stuff I Think Im Good At
  • I Know CPP (sorta)
  • Unix Commands :)
  • I use excel?

  • Class. Course Title. Semester.
    MA 141 Calc 1 1st
    MA 241 Calc 2 2nd
    PY 205 Physics 1 2nd