Hello, I'm Robert.
I'm a senior computer science convert.

After escaping the clutches of Electrical/Computer Engineering, I find myself in a brighter place: A place with less alternating current.


Day Courses
Sunday Free
Monday 10:40AM--11:30AM
Tuesday 08:30AM--09:45AM | 11:45AM--1:00PM
Wednesday 10:40AM--11:30AM
Thursday 08:30AM--09:45AM | 11:45AM--01:00PM | 03:00PM--04:50PM
Friday Free
Saturday 10:00PM--Until bed
  • I'm easy-going: I tend to get along with everyone.
  • I have good problem solving skills.
  • I find my computer science classes enjoyable!
  • I have programming experience outside of class.
  • I'm pretty good at Rocket League.
  • Contact me: