Welcome to my Homework 6 page. I am going to introduce myself and tell you about my college career thus far. You will be able to learn more about me by looking over this page.

My name is Remy Pignataro. I am a junior at NCSU in the Engineering Program. I am in the process of changing my major to Mathematics so this semester I have been focusing on taking higher level math courses. I chose this major because I have always loved math class, especially calculus.

My favorite hobby is fishing. I have been going fishing since I was little with my dad. I go freshwater fishing in local ponds and lakes when I am at home in Charlotte. I also go saltwater fishing with my dad who lives in Wilmington.

Click the icon below to open the youtube homepage in a new tab. Youtube is my favorite website!

Youtube HomePage

Here is a link to my resume: My Resume

  1. First step is to choose which pizza place to order from
  2. Next, call the pizza place and place your order
  3. Then, pay the pizza guy when he delivers it
  4. Finally, enjoy your pizza!

Class Expected Grade
MA 225 A
Weightlifting A
Social Deviance A
Bass fish