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Hello, my name is Ryan Cooper and I am studying electrical and computer engineering with a concentration in Renewable Energy electric systems (REES). The reason I chose my major is because I want to be apart of the future of renewable and sustainable energy. I want to help make this world cleaner and efficient by using my knowledge of electrical engineering. I am also interested in power stations and understanding how they work and what can be done to improve them. I love improving the world's power efficiency.

My favorite hobby is disc golfing. I like to disc golf because it takes a lot of skill and technique rather than just pure athleticism. Disc gold is similar to golf in the fact that the best score is the lower number of shots. I like disc golf better, however, since it less serious. My best game is 11 under par.

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I Love Dominos!!


  1. Get two slices of nice fancy bread
  2. Place a slice of cheese on each slice of bread and toast each
  3. Put on your favorite toppings including the bacon
  4. Combince the two slices and enjoy!

Classes Grades
E 201 A+
E 115 S
ECE 200 A-
ECE 109 A-
COM 110 A

Disc Golf