Description: NCSU Forestry & Environmental Resources Department

Description:  North Carolina State University

Ross W. Whetten



Current teaching – Spring semesters

FOR350 Professional Development III: Ethical Dilemmas in Natural Resource Management

FOR411 Forest Biology and Genetics and FOR725 Advanced Forest Genetics (co-teaching with Steve McKeand)

BIT815 Analysis of Deep Sequencing Data


Current research

My current research projects are described on my current research page; please see that for more detail on current and planned projects. Foremost among current projects are two Coordinated Agricultural Projects supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, one on climate change mitigation and adaptation in southern pines (March 2011 to Feb 2016) and the other on production of liquid transportation fuels from woody biomass (August 2011 to July 2016).



Past research

My past research efforts can be grouped into four general categories.

My interests are now focused more on technology development and application to practical problems in tree improvement and disease management.

My background in molecular biology and biochemistry provides students with interests in forestry and environmental sciences an opportunity to gain experience in modern laboratory techniques while working to solve practical problems facing forests in the modern world.

Students (either undergraduate or graduate) with interests in bridging the gap between laboratory research in biochemistry and molecular biology and field applications in tree improvement, population biology, or environmental monitoring are welcome to contact me (email preferred) to discuss possible research projects.

See my biographical sketch for more information on my background and publications.

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