This is Definitely not Homework 6

My name is Randy Paluszkiewicz. You may not know me, but I'm the freshest freshman. My intended major is Computer/Electrical Engineering. I chose this (potential) combination primarily because I have a deep interest for all things electronic/computer related. Tinkering with things related to these topics currently occupy a very good amount of my time. I would really love to contribute to the advancement of electronics and/or computer components.

My favorite hobby is all things music related. I really enjoy composing, playing, and listening to musical pieces. My favorite part about making music is that one can have an idea in his/her head and make that idea come to life. To me, it's one of the ways that really exemplifies that putting a huge amount of work in something can yield impressive results. It would be great if I could somehow take my education in engineering and integrate it into making music easier/more enjoyable to create.

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  1. Get Ingredients
  2. Try to make pizza
  3. Realize that your life is in shambles because you don't know how to make a pizza
  4. Order Papa Johns or your regional equivalent
Class Grade
CH101 A-
MA242 A
E115 S