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Hello World! My name is Ryan Catalfu! As of Fall 2017, I am currently a Freshman in the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University (NC State). My intended major is Computer Science. The reason that computer science is my intended major is because I have always loved technology, and also enjoy logic puzzles and problem solving. I am a very detail-oriented person, which I feel will be beneficial when I am learning to code, because sometimes errors can be critical. In addition, Computer Science is in high demand, in part due to the increased use of devices instead of paper. It can also be used in almost all professions, allowing me to be able to receive a job in almost any field of interest. I also like that I will have the ability to write software and create digital ways to solve problems.

Although I do not currently hold a full-time position other than "full-time student," I sometimes do contract work, using my knowledge to help others create Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations. In particular, I work with one national public speaker on presentations regarding PT and Autism. I have also received income in the past from placing at some Microsoft competitions. For a "dream" job, I cannot say anything in particular, though I will say that I would be interested in a position where I can blend my interest in technology and my passion for the environment, ideally at a technology company, such as Microsoft or Apple, or closer to home, at a company such as SAS. I know Apple has an executive with a position that I would like, titled "Vice President, Environmental Initiatives," or "Vice President, Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives."

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  1. CSC 116 - Java
  2. GC 120 - Foundations of Graphics
  3. Engineering 101
  4. EC 201 - Microeconomics
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