Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Robert Foster. I am currently a freshman at NC State. I am currently undecided as to what I would like to major in. However, the major I am currently most interested in is Electrical Engineering. I have always had an interest in electricity and electronics and how they work, and I like working with computers, so this is a field that I am potentially interested in having a career in.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing music. I began playing trumpet in the sixth grade and have continued playing in various ensembles ever since. I have participated in concert bands, jazz bands, and marching bands. I am currently in the marching band and the pep band here at NC State and I plan on playing in jazz band next year. I also learned to play the french horn last year.

ESPN Assignment
  1. Call the nearest Papa John's location.
  2. Place an order for a large cheese pizza.
  3. Order cheesesticks to go with your pizza.
  4. Ask for delivery and give them your address.
  5. When the pizza arrives, pay and give the driver a tip.
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 241 A
PY 205 A-
EC 205 A
E 115 S
HESF 243 S
MUS 132 A