Welcome to my homework 6 page

My name is Rory Lazenby. I am a freshman. My major is undeclared. I have an interest in engineering. I am thinking about electrical engineering, and maybe also computer engineering.

My favourite hobby is tennis. I have been playing tennis since freshman year in high school. I played for the varsity team at my school. My racket is blue. I prefer playing doubles more than singles. Tennis is also fun to watch on television.

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How to make a salami and cheese sandwich

  1. Get the ingredients (cheese/salami/bread)
  2. Put two slices of bread down
  3. Put one piece of salami on the left slice
  4. Put cheese on the left slice of bread
  5. Put another piece of salami on the left slice
  6. Put the right slice on top of the left slice
Class Grade
E115 70% / Pass
English 82%
Physics 86%