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My name is Ryan Zippetelli. I am a freshman and I plan to go into mechanical Engineering. I feel as though I was always going to be an engineer because both of my parents are engineers. My dad is an electrical engineer while my mom is a quality control engineer. In school I always did well in math and science classes and I always wanted to find ways to apply what I had learned. I was always interested in machines and cars so I wanted to do something that worked with those sorts of things.

My favorite hobby is hockey. It is a sport that not as many people follow or play, most people have difficulty skating. I find it exciting, and I get a thrill every time I skate. I started playing when I was eight years old and haven't stopped loving it. When I was about 12 I started playing travel hockey, which was more competitive but also more fun. I have been playing ever since and have traveled to countless cities across the east coast.

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  1. get two slices of bread
  2. look in fridge for meat
  3. find none
  4. yell at mom to ask where the all the turkey went
  5. resort to peanut butter and jelly
Course Expected Grade
PY205 A
ENG101 A-
MA241 A-