Not Your Typical (Sci-fi Type) of Nerd

Hi, I'm Rachel, a transferee (almost a sophomore) majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. WhY? I want to understand why things behave the way they do, which is mostly due to their structures on a microscopic level. About six years ago, I studied plant and animal microstructures (Plant Morphoanatomy and Animal Histology) - studying different types of cells and tissues. It's kinda cool to look at a plant, or anything for that matter, and see beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Having such knowledge allows one to have a deeper appreciation of even the simplest things that surround us everyday of our lives.

Reading and thinking are my favorite hobbies. They kinda go hand-in-hand. Reading without much thought is pointless. It's like studying something in class and never applying it to one's life or profession ever again, which is kind of a waste of time. My genres of choice are psychology, business, and finance - basically self-help/non-fiction. This doesn't mean I'm all work and no play. Click the photo below for some entertaining snippets of adorkable, obese creatures of the wild =^_^=

I love animals in general. I always thought I preferred dogs but I've been around a cat a lot lately and I find her very endearing. The cat's owner warned me though that she is an odd cat. She is not easily distracted by dangling toys or even Catnip! This specific cat is not very cat-like - sounding a thud whenever she lands on the floor. Her favorite spot in the room is a corner, tucked away from all the fuss that's going around her. She seems to be an introverted cat who has no interest in being entertained, and just prefers to be left alone.

Obese Flamingoes and Gator

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The way I like my pizza done:

  1. Spread pizza/pasta sauce on pizza crust.
  2. Distribute sliced egglant pieces on the crust.
  3. Sprinkle some Italian seasoning and shredded cheese on top
  4. Place the pizza inside a pre-heated oven and bake/broil.
  5. Once the pizza is ready, let it cool down for a bit then dig in!

Summer Term 2 Classes

Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
Personal Finance Hopefully B+ or above
Physics 205/206 Hopefully B+ or above
Weiner Dog Reading Mess