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My name is Rosalyn Hatlen, and I am a freshman studying Chemical Engineering. I intend to use my degree to work in the pharmaceutical field, specifically to design new medicines. I want to work on creating new drugs that could possibly cure many diseases that plague our world. I went into Chemical Engineering because I really love chemistry, but I also want to make a difference with what I do. Helping others is important to me, and I feel that as a regular chemist I couldn't make much of a difference. By studying Chemical Engineering I can delve into the innovation side of chemistry and develop medicines that will affect people around the world.

My favorite hobby is hiking, especially in the mountains. I enjoy physical activity a lot, and find the scenery while hiking absolutely breathtaking. My favorite trails are those through mountains that are made mostly of rugged, rocky terrain. These are the most challenging, but usually also the most rewarding regarding both physical exercise and visual appreciation. I find hiking to be a calming activity for me, one that lets me think, but not too deeply as I also am forced to focus on the terrain to prevent injury. The outdoors and woods have always been where I feel most at peace.

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2nd Best
  1. Get bread and peanut butter
  2. Put peanut butter on bread
  3. Throw away
  4. Order pizza

Class Expected Grade
E101 A
MA242 A
CH103 B