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Picture of Me!

Current Education

I am currently planning to major in Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University. I am a Freshman. I am also planning on minoring in Computer Programming. My expected graduation date is May 2020!

Plan For My Degree

Coming from the son of a 1982 Mechanical Engineering graduate of NC State University, it was only fitting for me to try to get my Mechanical Engineering degree too! Plus, I love math! Upon graduation in May 2020, I plan on using my degree in the sport of NASCAR. Every team in NASCAR has multiple engineers that do a broad range of tasks and I hope to be involved in the research and development department of the race cars. Eventually, I would like to be the crew chief on a team, which is the "head coach" of a race team.

Skills and Talents

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
MA 242 Calculus III Fall 2017
PY 205 Physics I Spring 2017
GC 120 Graphics Communication Spring 2017
CSC 113 Introduction to Matlab Spring 2017