Rafael Rubilar Pons

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Curriculum Vitae

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Ph.D. Graduate Student - Forestry North Carolina State University. Raleigh, USA.

Focus: Ecophysiology and Statistics.




M.Sc. Forestry –Minor Soils - North Carolina State University. Raleigh, USA.

Focus: Forest Soils, Silviculture and Sustainability of Fast Growing Plantations.

Thesis: http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/theses/available/etd-01282003-114330/




Forest Engineer. Maximum Distinction. University of Chile. Santiago, Chile

Focus: Silviculture and Soils.

Thesis: “Weed control and fertilization in Radiata pine plantations on Metamorphic soils of the VII region” (in spanish)



Biomass and Bioenergy 2005




My research interests are very wide but my major areas of interest are: Forest Soils and Site Productivity, Nutrient Cycling and Soil Supply, Tree Ecophysiology, Soils, and Ecophysiological Process Modeling. My interest also are focused on Spatial and Landscape Modeling using GIS, Remote Sensing Systems and Spatial Statistics. The focus of my questions are: What is the impact of forest practices on long term sustainability?, How species are affected by atmospheric changes?, How to enhance growth of fast-growing plantations on a sustainable basis? How soil-plant-water relationships fit natural forest and plantations on different ecosystems? What are true indicators of sustainability for each ecosystem ? What are key soils properties on continuous soil supply and nutrient availability? How forest plantations influence soil properties in the short and long-term?

My teaching interests, as I expect to get a faculty position in my country or overseas, are focused on developing maximum skills on critical thinking on students. My objective is to generate maximum interaction and a high level of discussion about critical problems of sustainability, silviculture, forestry operations, ecophysiology, environmental issues, and a deep understanding in forest soils. In addition, I would like to encourage on students new ways to solve problems and the use of the most advanced techniques and statistics in order to analyze data and develop real solutions for solving forestry or environmental problems .

I would like to contribute to develop well-prepared and educated professionals with the ability to critique, analyze and propose alternative solutions for solving real life problems. I pursue that the use of principles and theoretical knowledge acquired in class provide the base of their reasoning process and solution propositions. In addition, I would like to step on ethical discussion in order to challenge students with concerns that will be faced for professionals on the new century.



Academic honors, prizes.



First Prize Poster Presentation. “Environmental Constraints in Leaf Area Display for Radiata Pine Plantation in Chile”. Forestry Depatrment. North Carolina State University.



Fulbright Scholarship



BARSA. Scolarship



Invited speaker honor at the ceremony of graduation of 1998 class. University of Chile – Faculty of Forestry.



Distinction “Forest Science School”. From Faculty of Forest Sciences, University of Chile for the student who has held the highest grades obtaining his degree of Forest Engineer.