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Currently, By credit I'm a junior in the Biomedical Engineering department of North Carolina State University. However, I'm taking sophomore major classes; therefore, my anticipated graduation date will be May 2019

Why did I choose the BME!?

My choice for the Biomedical Engineering was not a random choice. There were many reasons that encourged me to choose this field of study. First, from the education perspective, Physics and Math were my favorite classes during all of the study year at middle and high schools. Therefore, I chose to major in Engineering because it is direclty dependant on these two classes. Second, from the humanitarian perspective, I really have a great willingness to improve people health and well-being! I'm planning to get a good job in any hospital or a health company to apply Engineering techniques to improve medical devices for the sake of a better health community,then eventually I will be back to school to get my master degree.


Relevant Courses

Class Course Title Semester
BME 201 Computer Methods in Biomedical Engineering Fall 2016
BME 204 Biomedical Measurments Fall 2016
BME 203 Intoduction to the Materials Science of Biomaterials Spring 2017
BME 252 Biomedical Engineering Design and Manufacturing I Spring 2017
BME 210 Biomedical Electronics Spring 2017