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Hi! My name is Rithika Shivkumar and I am currently a freshmen at NC State University. My intended major is Industrial Engineering. The reason I was inclined towards it was because it involves a mixture of management and mathematics, two subjects that i love the most. Further, I look forward in getting into supply chain or operations research. Lastly, the good part about IE is that it is not industrial specific and this enables me to get into any industry I want.

I have always wanted to work in a bank right from when I was a child because I loved the fact that bankers can help people with their financial issues and in a way give back to the community. By taking IE, I can work at a bank to ensure proper efficiency of machines in the bank. But if this does not happen, then my backup plan is to work with a big company like CISCO, Accenture or Facebook. My biggest goal, no matter which job I get is to give back to the community.

My Favourite Classes-

  1. MA341
  2. CH101
  3. ST371
  4. EC205
  5. PHY205

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