My name is Rachel Landon. I am a freshman in Textile Engineering. I chose this major because I like fabrics and fibers, but I am not an artistic person. I am also interested in protective textiles with clothes such as fireman suits and kevlar vests.

My favorite hobby is target archery. However, I do not like to hunt or kill animals with my bow. I mainly like to improve my accuracy and distance when I shoot. My favorite bow is a Genesis original bow, and I got it as part of my high school graduation present. I was dissapointed to learn that NC State does not have an archery club.

Favorite Website Resume
    How to Order Pizza
  1. Google Papa John's phone number
  2. Choose your favorite pizza and desert with breaksticks
  3. Tell the pizza guy on the phone what you want to order
  4. Pay the pizza guy when they deliver the pizza
Class Grade
ES 100 E 115 ENG 101 MA 242