About Me

I am Rahul Subramanian. I am from New Delhi, India. I moved to the United States when I was a Junior in High school. I am a Freshman in Mechanical Engineering at North Carolina State University. I have decided to do either Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering. I am inclined towards these two majors because I have always been fascinated about how machines (Mechanical) work, and what makes something defy gravity (Aerospace). Another reason I like these majors is that I really like Mathematics and Physics, and both these fields give me an oppurtunity to apply the principles that I will learn here at NCSU into practice.

My favorite break was summer break. I went back to India for 3 weeks, and spent a week with my Grandparents in Banglore. The rest of the time I was in New Delhi, where I met all my friends. I also went back to my old high school. I met all of my teachers and they were happy to see me. I gave my favorite teacher a bag of Ferrero Rocher. Then I asked my friend to take a picture of me and my teacher. After meeting my teachers I went to see a movie with my friends - The Green Lantern. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE it is not good. This is what I did during my summer break in 2011.

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Making a Sandwich

  1. Get Bread
  2. Put mayonnaise
  3. Put Onions & Tomatoes
  4. Put cheese
  5. Eat it
Class Grade
MA 141 A
CH 101 B+
REL 311 A-
EC 205 A
E 101 A+
E 298 A+
E 115 PASS